23 Ways to Download YouTube Videos

9 05 2007

Google has a solid amount of cash in its pockets, but with all the recent lawsuits against YouTube one has to wonder if it’s time to salvage whatever videos you like from the service and save them somewhere where evil attorneys won’t look – your hard drive.

Luckily, there are literally dozens of tools for downloading videos from YouTube and/or converting those YouTube videos to some format other than .flv. It’s hard to pick the best one, as they all have pluses and minuses. Thus, we’ve chosen 23 YouTube downloader tools we’ve found to be actually working. Here they are, categorized according to the platform they work on:

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Top 57 Wikis By Rank

9 05 2007

from :http://www.advolcano.com/blog/?p=11

Over the last couple years we’ve watched Wikipedia go from a virtually unknown website to one of the top 10 in the world – so it’s no secret that Wikis have seen an unprecedented amount of growth and popularity (not to mention free Wiki engines such as MediaWiki or MoinMoin feeding that growth).

I took the liberty to scour the web for as many Wiki’s as I could find, meanwhile compiling a list of each. Some of my findings were great, such as: WikiTravel, Heroes Wiki, and WoW Wiki (for all you WoW fanatics), and some, well, not so great.

I also noticed an increasing amount of businesses adopting the concept. More and more businesses are beginning to see the value in Wikiing (wikiing?). Aside from Wikis being a helpful resource to customers, they are a great way for marketers to build a community and gain easy access to that all-too-important customer feedback.

Anyway, on with the good stuff. Here’s a list of over fifty Wikis by rank. If there’s something I’ve missed, post a comment and I’ll be happy to add it. Enjoy…

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The Mathematics of Life

9 05 2007

The Mathematical Lives of Plants

Julie J. Rehmeyer

The seeds of a sunflower, the spines of a cactus, and the bracts of a pine cone all grow in whirling spiral patterns. Remarkable for their complexity and beauty, they also show consistent mathematical patterns that scientists have been striving to understand.


Each yellow nub in the center of this daisy is actually its own miniature flower, complete with a full set of reproductive organs. The buds form interlocking clockwise and counterclockwise spirals.
Scott Hotton

A surprising number of plants have spiral patterns in which each leaf, seed, or other structure follows the next at a particular angle called the golden angle. The golden angle is about 137.5º. Two radii of a circle C form the golden angle if they divide the circle into two areas A and B so that A/B = B/C.

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How to Whistle with Your Fingers!

7 05 2007

Fingered Whistle

“Tuck away your lips
First, your upper and lower lips must reach over to cover your teeth
and be tucked into your mouth. Only the outer edges of your lips are
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12 Tips on how to be a Great DAD.

7 05 2007

How can you be a great dad?

  1. Put their interests first, always. Do you enjoy drinking or smoking? Guess what — it’s not good for them, and you’re setting an example with everything you do. I quit smoking about 18 months ago not for my sake, but for my kids. Now, it is still important to take care of yourself (otherwise you can’t take care of them), but you should still have them in mind.

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TinyMaps :)

22 03 2007


I was browsing the web and I found TinyMap. I think this is very useful 😛

Firefox is out!

21 03 2007

It has not been announced officialy, but the full release is done, here is a direct download:http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/

other langs/os’s here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/

Not a big update, but some small fixes.