The Megapixel Myth

9 07 2007


Forget the silly debate over pixel counts among digital cameras. There is little visible difference between cameras with seemingly different ratings. For instance, a 3 MP camera pretty much looks the same as a 6 MP camera, even when blown up to 12 x 18!” I know because I’ve done this. Have you? NY Times tech writer David Pogue did this here and here and saw the same thing – nothing!


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Improve your photography with classical art.

9 05 2007


Adjusting your photographs to get the color ‘just right’ can be a chore. Think about this: The Old Masters of painting spent years of their lives learning about color. Why let all their effort go to waste on the walls of some museum when it could be used to give you a hand with color correction?

When Photoshop entered the CS series it included a new tool called ‘Match Color.’ This tools was made so that you could match a series of photos to one another.

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Water Polygons and Polyhedra!

9 02 2007


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FROZEN Tidal wave!

4 02 2007

Nature is so nice! These pictures are from

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Photo Snow Globes – Make Your Own in 15 Minutes (or Your Money Back!)

1 02 2007

photosnowglobe-feature.jpgThe great snow gods have not been kind to us this year. If you’re still pining for wintery white, or just hoping it’d go away, we recommend a quick (and heartfelt) appeal.

Luckily, we have just the thing to melt their frosty disposition: Photojojo’s Make-Your-Own Photo Snow Globes.

Grab a bottle, photo, glitter, and corn syrup and you’re on your way to making an offering not even the gods could refuse.*

Capture HDTV using your firewire-equipped cable box

25 01 2007

According to FCC regulations, all DVRs that cable companys rent must have an active firewire port. While unfortunately you likely won’t be able to record premium channels such as HBO, INHD, DiscoveryHD. All broadcast channels must be open. If any broadcast channels are encrypted a quick call to your cable company will fix this. This is a dream come true for all you TV archivers.
While I use this method primarily for recording 720p, and 1080i HDTV sources, this will work for standard definition digital channels as well.

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Polarize Pictures!

25 01 2007

Polaroize is the service to convert any phots to Polaroide like images.


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