104 Performance Tips for Windows XP

20 02 2007
Windows Interface Tips (1-20)

  1. Increase the amount of ‘frequently used programs’ displayed on the start menu
  2. Remove the ‘frequently used programs’ list from the start menu
  3. Stop the automatic grouping of taskbar programs
  4. Close multiple desktop windows fast
  5. Add some useful commands to the right-click menu
  6. Add more destinations to the right-click menu’s ‘send to’ command
  7. Changing the number of open programs required to ‘group’ on the taskbar
  8. Reduce menu delay to speed up the windows desktop
  9. Show control panel as a menu
  10. Change the default installation directory
  11. Associate and un-associate applications from certain file types.
  12. Make your mouse more responsive
  13. Increase PS/2 mouse performance
  14. Relocate your ‘my documents’ folder
  15. Get a better ALT+TAB application switcher
  16. Add a command prompt option to the Windows Explorer right click menu
  17. Stop ‘focus stealing’ by background applications and pop-ups
  18. Add the admin tools to the start menu
  19. Closing multiple taskbar items at once
  20. Using ‘groups’ in Windows explore

Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips (21-46)

  1. Quickly un-format web text with notepad.
  2. Uncover **** passwords
  3. Disable the annoying ‘click’ sound in Internet Explorer.
  4. Use VGA mode to troubleshoot monitor refresh rate problems
  5. Make your files available offline
  6. Rollback device drivers in case of error
  7. Avoid having to re-activate Windows XP after reinstallation
  8. View PowerPoint documents without PowerPoint
  9. Control Clear type Text with free tool
  10. Mouse problem? Use MouseKeys
  11. Recovering deleted files
  12. Install the backup utility in XP Home
  13. Schedule automatic data backups
  14. Place your Internet favourites on your start menu
  15. Restore your essential data
  16. Enhance the Windows calculator
  17. Disabling startup password
  18. Remove orphaned software applications from add/remove programs
  19. Troubleshooting shutdown issues
  20. Alter your windows user name
  21. Adding ‘safe mode’ to the boot menu
  22. Use XP file compression to save space
  23. How to check if you have a DVD decoder installed in your system
  24. Learn to love XP safe mode
  25. Use the program compatibility toolkit
  26. Use the system restore utility from ‘safe mode command prompt.’

Computer Security Tips (47-54)

  1. Configure the SP 2 firewall
  2. Prevent computer users from logging on to Windows at certain times.
  3. Encrypt your important files (XP Professional only)
  4. Scan your computer for vulnerability with Microsoft’s free security scanner
  5. Disable USB storage device writing (Service Pack 2 only)
  6. Prevent browser hijackers and spyware in SP2 Internet Explorer
  7. Test your PCs security with online security probes
  8. Disable annoying startup programs
WindowsXP Shortcut Tips (55 – 63)

  1. Fun with shortcuts 1: shortcuts to email
  2. Fun with shortcuts 2: shortcuts to web sites
  3. Fun with shortcuts 3: shortcuts to Windows control panels and utilities
  4. Fun with shortcuts 4: create a shortcut to shutdown or restart your PC
  5. Fun with shortcuts 5: Create a shortcut to lock your PC
  6. Fun with shortcuts 6: Create a shortcut to ‘run’ on your desktop
  7. Fun with shortcuts 7: Create a shortcut to command prompt on your desktop
  8. Fun with shortcuts 8: Create keyboard shortcuts for applications and folders
  9. Shortcuts to important control windows with the run command

Disk and Storage Management Tips (64 – 67)

  1. Stupid disk tricks for XP part 1: dynamic disks
  2. Stupid disk tricks for XP part 2: mounting partitions to directories
  3. Stupid disk tricks for XP part 3: creating software RAID 0
  4. Stupid Disk tricks for XP part 4: Extending and spanning volumes

Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments (68 – 90)

  1. Create a portable version of Windows XP
  2. Create alarms and reminders with Windows XP’s scheduling service
  3. Perform a ‘hands off’ Windows XP installation.
  4. Experiment with ‘virtual’ computing
  5. Show how long your system has been running with SYSTEMINFO
  6. Use MSN messenger’s ‘whiteboard’ feature
  7. Use MSN Messenger’s Shared applications feature
  8. Collect system data with the performance monitor wizard
  9. Use a free, full featured office suite
  10. Create a Windows XP bootable CD with Service pack 2 built-in
  11. Edit local computer settings with GPEDIT (XP Professional only)
  12. Reduce the size of your recycle bin
  13. Make sure of your location on the Internet
  14. Arrange the ‘all programs’ list alphabetically
  15. Force ‘my computer’ and other folders to open in Windows explorer automatically
  16. Boost foreground applications
  17. Place the volume control on the taskbar
  18. Experiment with Linux without installing software
  19. Use Virtual desktops in Windows XP
  20. Capture screenshots in Windows XP
  21. Create an easy HTML picture slide show for your website
  22. Import pictures from a digital camera
  23. Prevent XP from shutting down normally

Networking and Internet Tips ( 91- 104)

  1. Access your PC from any system over the Internet (Professional only)
  2. Speed up network browsing in Windows XP
  3. Get the most out of your wireless network
  4. Benchmark your wireless connection
  5. Fixing the ‘guest only’ network access problem
  6. Hiding your computer from other systems in the same network
  7. Share Multiple Folders quickly in Windows XP
  8. Change Web page font size automatically
  9. Open web pages in a new window quickly
  10. Don’t have anti-virus software? Check your PC for viruses online
  11. Save web pages for offline viewing
  12. Easier searches and popup suppression with the Google toolbar
  13. Address shortcut for Internet Explorer
  14. Remove Microsoft Java VM and install Sun Java

 Page 1:  — Beginners Guides: 104 Performance Tips for Windows XP
 Page 2:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 1-2
 Page 3:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 3-6
 Page 4:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 7-9
 Page 5:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 10-11
 Page 6:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 12-14
 Page 7:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 15-17
 Page 8:  WindowsXP Interface Tips 18-20
 Page 9:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 21-23
 Page 10:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 24-25
 Page 11:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 26-30
 Page 12:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 31
 Page 13:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 32-33
 Page 14:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 34-36
 Page 15:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 37-39
 Page 16:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 40-41
 Page 17:  Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips 42-46
 Page 18:  Computer Security Tips 47
 Page 19:  Computer Security Tips 47 con’t
 Page 20:  Computer Security Tips 48-49
 Page 21:  Computer Security Tips 50-51
 Page 22:  Computer Security Tips 52
 Page 23:  Computer Security Tips 53-54
 Page 24:  WindowsXP Shortcut Tips 55-57
 Page 25:  WindowsXP Shortcut Tips 58-63
 Page 26:  Disk and Storage Management Tips 64
 Page 27:  Disk and Storage Management Tips 65-67
 Page 28:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 68-69
 Page 29:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 70-71
 Page 30:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 72-75
 Page 31:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 76-78
 Page 32:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 78 con’t
 Page 33:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 79-81
 Page 34:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 82-85
 Page 35:  Cool Tweaks, Toys and Experiments 86-90
 Page 36:  Networking and Internet Tips 91-93
 Page 37:  Networking and Internet Tips 94-97
 Page 38:  Networking and Internet Tips 98-101
 Page 39:  Networking and Internet Tips 102-104




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