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4 02 2007

liberator WIFI LIBERATOR Toolkit – 2007


A Tactical Toolkit to Liberate Pay-Per Use Wireless Networks!

WiFi Liberator Ends Tyranny of Pay-Per-Use Wireless, Gizmodo, 2/2/07.
WiFi Liberator Toolkit, We-Make-Money-Not-Art, 2/2/07.
Share closed WiFi with the Wifi Liberator, Boing Boing, 2/3/07.
Wifi Liberator ToolKit, Digg, 2/2/07.
Wifi Liberator, Make Blog, 2/3/07.
Wifi Liberator, Hack Zine, 2/3/07.

Version 1.0 (Stand alone version coming soon)

Jonah Brucker-Cohen – Design / Concept
Includes PingTunnel by Daniel Stoedle
OSX GUI port by Peter Brindisi.

Wifi Liberator is an open-source toolkit for a laptop computer that enables its user to “liberate” pay-per-use wireless networks and create a free, open node that anyone can connect to for Internet access. The project is presented as a challenge to existing corporate or “locked” private wireless nodes to encourage the proliferation of free networks and connectivity across the planet. The project was inspired by the ongoing “battle” between providers broadcasting wireless signals in public spaces, in particular: corporate entities, wireless community groups, individual users, and proponents of open networks. Like my Wifi-Hog project, the Wifi-Liberator critically examines the tensions between providers trying to profit from the increasingly minimal costs associated with setting up a public network and casual users who simply want to see the Internet transform into another “public utility” and become as ubiquitous and free as the air we breath. The project targets pay-per-use wireless networks as often found in airports, other public terminals, hotels, global-chain coffee shops, and other public waiting points.

The ultimate goal with the Wifi Liberator project is through Open Source distribution, to eventually reach a high enough usage and penetration rate that all pay-per-use wireless networks will begin to free their access to everyone. Since the monetary amounts associated with providing wireless access is inexpensive as the techology becomes more ubiquitous, the need to “charge” for this access is becoming less important and cost effective. Although we are still charged for basic utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and others, the amounts associated with providing internet access are dropping at an exponential rate. This project aims to make this low cost apparent as well as the increasing tensions of keeping people “out” of these networks.

Despite the advent of free and open wireless networks made available by community groups in parks and other urban centers, there is still a monetary restriction on many networks that exist in community buildings and facilities such as airports, train stations, chain restaurants, and other public areas. Most of these “closed” networks are deployed in “waiting” areas with the promise of “convenience” to allow pedestrians or commuters access to the Internet, however they nevertheless impose a monetary and time-based restriction on who can connect as well as for how long, often with “hourly” or “daily” rates for connectivity. Wifi-Liberator is a reaction against these limits to access by lifting the constrictions associated with paid networks and turning them into “free” networks.

The project finds inspiration from the Open Source movement’s ability to turn once “commercial” software into freely available and distributable entities. This is evident in examples such as Netscape’s eventual movement into the freely available, and open source distribution model with Mozilla and its successor, Firefox. By taking an existing pay-per-use commercial model into the public domain, the potential for creative use and output from these systems increases exponentially. This is the hope of “Wifi-Liberator”, that once the restrictions are lifted on wireless access points that it will stimulate creativity and social action amongst the general public and those in dense urban locations where many networks currently overlap.

The project includes a hardware and software component. The hardware component is an off the shelf, USB wireless card and any laptop with built in wireless hardware. Therefore the “Liberator’s”‘ machine must have 2 wireless interfaces. The software component is a downloadable application called “Liberator” that runs natively on Mac OSX (Windows version coming soon) that needs to be run when connecting to a paid network. The software is based on “Ping Tunnel“, free software written by Daniel Stodle and licensed under the BSD license.

The following equipment list is to get Wifi- Liberator running on an Apple laptop running OSX 10.3 or later. (Windows version coming soon)

Equipment list:
1. Apple Mac OSX laptop with integrated Airport card
2. Apple Mac OSX machine connected to the Internet with a public IP address.
3. USB wireless network adaptor (I’ve successfully tested using the Addlogix Wireless-G Network Adaptor, but any OSX compatible Wifi/USB stick will work)
4. Wifi Liberator software (one copy of the software for each machine) – available here for Download: download link:
Wifi_Liberator (v.1.0,.DMG, OSX 10.3 or later)

The Wifi-Liberator Software can run in 2 modes – Proxy and Client.

Instructions For Proxy:
1. Download and install the WIFI-Liberator software:
OSX 10.3 or later onto a Mac OSX machine with a public IP address (this is a machine that can be accessed over the Internet – aka. a server)
2. Open the software, choose “Proxy Mode”
3. Leave this running. You will also need to run a Proxy on this machine such as Squid.

Instructions For Client:
1. Download and install the WIFI-Liberator software: runs on OSX 10.3 or later:
2. Copy the Liberator software to your Applications folder fromt he Disk Image. Double click to start.
3. Enter the address of the Proxy computer for the Proxy address.
4. Enter ‘’ for the destination address.
5. Enter ‘1234’ for the listen port.
6. Enter ’80’ for the destination port.
7. Connect the USB stick, Install the drivers, etc…
8. Run the Liberator software and connect to the closed network through the USB stick.
9. Once connected, in OSX go to System Preferences>>Sharing>>Internet>>
10. Choose from the pull down menu:
Share your connection from: “Ethernet Adaptor (en4)”
11. Check “To Computers Using “Airport”
12. Click “Airport Options” and under network name type in: “Wifi Liberator”, Channel: “Automatic”. (This will be your SSID broadcast name that others will see to connect to.) 13. Make sure “Enable Encryption” is not checked – click “OK”. This will allow you to share your Internet connection to other machines when they connect to the “Wifi-Liberator” node.
14. Close System Preferences.
15. Open a web browser, and enter ‘localhost:1234‘ as the URL. If everything is working, you will have navigated to your URL through the Wifi-Liberator.
16. You’re done! Congratulations and keep sharing your connection until you have to go.

Description of System
1. Closed Node Use: Users who have existing accounts or pay-per-use accounts can access the network. This typically puts a time limit on their use, prompting them for more money or access codes to continue using the network. Those without accounts or enough money to pay for access cannot connect to the node.
2. Wifi Liberator Node Use: The Liberator connects to the network using the software and broadcasts this connection on a second wireless interface from their computer with the SSID “Wifi Liberator”. Users can then connect to the liberated node as they would any other, “free”, hotspot.

Diagram of system:





59 responses

5 02 2007

I see a new Limewire-type of thing happening, like when Napster first came out….hehehe

5 02 2007

limewire, hahahah

21 05 2011

Limewire is FULL OF virus, tracking cookies and much more just like ebay and ebays

20 07 2007
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28 07 2007
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15 08 2007
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15 08 2007
victor castro

22 08 2007
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17 05 2008
Aladejana Babatunde

Hi, i just got to know about you, how does this work and how can i get this free to air internet connectivity.
I am from Nigeria in West-Africa

22 05 2008

Hi, i just got to know about you, how does this work and how can i get this free to air internet connectivity and where will i get wifi liberator
I am from Nigeria in West-Africa

15 06 2008

Hello to you all i just got to hear about this and u dont know how to get this free internet stuff. Can you pls let me know? And pld dp tell me if it can work in nigeria? Pls reply to my box Bye and hope to hear form you soonset.

15 06 2008

I love these alot pls do help me with these.thanks

2 05 2017
cjej gujn158

why do you no need help

27 06 2008
dave aderinto

how can i use this free internet connection,does it work in nigeria. Can you give me access to this software

12 07 2008
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19 06 2010
fakye frederick

p.o. box mb 56

14 07 2008

what about for windows.
how can i buy the software

26 07 2008


2 08 2008
greg greg

how do I get free internet service in nIgeria. What equipment are required?

20 08 2008

l need your Liberator toolkit-2007 how much will it cost me including postage and the whole package mof your kit. thank for your reply. Lawrence ayodele

20 08 2008

l need your Liberator toolkit-2007 how much will it cost me including postage and the whole package mof your kit. thank for your reply. how do iget free internet service inNigeria. how much the whole package and your mode of payment. Lawrence ayodele

29 09 2008
herman Jones

…..hey —Free Internet is the only way! Now we see Time and other companies in ISP business want to not only charge a monthly fee, but to additionally meter your usage like gas or electric—WICKED MEN! Telephone DSL services sell bandwidth in sizes, which is in effect a meter! Further, the main reason to have things as WEP keys is to limit the ability to share the pipeline with neighbors! ….Free! …the only way is Free! …I need the Windows version ASAP! …God Bless America—Land That I Love!

4 10 2008

Good day Moderator. If i need this Gadget and i am in Uganda, how can i purchase it? How can i get a Windows Version? Please let me know by Email

8 10 2008

I say long live free internet.

10 10 2008

pls, moderator i appreciate you poeples effort in making things easer for us. infact they have killed us here in nigeria about internet connection. but i just your site this afternoon and very interested to know how i can gain acces to this software, does it work in nigeria. I need ur reply soon

10 10 2008

pls, If there is any web site ican download it pls let know, if it is through importation still let me know. But i want to know if it is only the software configuration that will connect u or is there any other thing that will be attached to it pls reply let me know. Thanks.

10 10 2008

how can buy your WIFI LIBERATOR Toolkit

10 10 2008

how can i buy your WIFI LIBERATOR Toolkit

19 01 2009

stil waiting for windows version

2 02 2009

pls, moderator i appreciate you people effort in making things easier for us. infact they have killed us here in Nigeria about internet connection. but i just your site this afternoon and very interested to know how i can gain acces to this software, does it work in Nigeria. I need your reply soon

15 02 2009
mohamed uwais

your service working at working Qatar.

16 02 2009


2 05 2009
Djmc Joe

Pls i will like to know more about this, and i want to know if this can also work in nigeria and how to purchase the package. I will like you guys to reply me as soon as possible. Thanks

2 05 2009
Djmc Joe

pls i forge i will also like to know if the software is available in windows xp version

7 05 2009
Prince Ogbonna

Life will be as sweet as paradise if this can work in Nigeria, Ah! only if it can work here. please iam interested contact me by mail to place an order.

8 05 2009

Hi, i just got to know about you, how does this work and how can i get this free to air internet connectivity and where will i get wifi liberator
I am from Nigeria in West-Africa

13 06 2009

is there a windows (PC) version? How do I buy the toolkit and how much?

4 07 2009

Pls,sir,I.want to know if this your product will work in Nigeria with a disk top and how can one buy the it from here…Thanx

16 07 2009

well is ok by me cos l have tried it and is not bad. thanks for the theory

28 07 2009

How do I purchase a wifi-Liberator online or by post?

3 08 2009
kehinde adeoya

Please I’m really in need of this. Ispend most of my time on the net which is strainng my finance. Plssss

25 08 2009
lilian akintola

please i want u people to explain in detail how to use this flash to connect free internet i want to know. or any how to connect free internet.
i hv a nice day

20 09 2009
Christian David from Nigeria

pls i want to know how i can be able to get the free internet kit

28 10 2009

Dear Sir,
Please kindly let me know how to get the free internet.
Thank you.

17 12 2009
chiuye isaac

How can I get the WIFI Liberator Toolkit? I am in Malawi. Would it work here?
And how would it cost me?

28 10 2010

i need the kit for my desktop.

16 11 2010

Hey, are there any updates on this unit?

23 02 2011


24 02 2011
ololo chukwuemeka bright

u have started a movement for freedom.i take u for a freedom fighter.please how and where do i get to purchase this wifi liberator tool kit and its installation instructions.can it work with the desktop too.
pls reply soonest.

25 04 2012
Shina Onikede

Pls all what i need is procedure about how to get connected to internet(a free internet access)

3 08 2012
jose braga teixeira de souza

oi boa tarde tudo bem ?
eu queria saber todos os procidimetos de como adquirir a SKY LIVRE COM INTERNET GRATIS

2 01 2013

please let me know on how to purchase the gadget..,thank you

24 02 2013
24 04 2013
wi-fi netwerk

I’ll right away grab your rss as I can not to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any?
Please permit me know so that I may just subscribe.

5 05 2013

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2 05 2017
cjej gujn158

thank for the reading thangs

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