FROZEN Tidal wave!

4 02 2007

Nature is so nice! These pictures are from




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4 02 2007

I think these pictures are both incredible, and beautiful. I run an art studio blog where I post a picture a day that caught my eye browsing through blogs. Let me know if you would ever like these posted. I am looking for photography. Great picks, thank you for sharing.


Shawn Nacona

4 02 2007

i ran a search abour these, and found out that these are not actual tidal waves, but glaciers :). Sure why not post them? But credit too 😀

4 02 2007

wonderful pictures

5 02 2007


5 02 2007

very cool

5 02 2007


24 08 2007

Those pics are breathtaking. I could only dream of one day seeing something like that in person.

23 01 2008 Activities Blog » Blog Archive » Frozen Waves - Surf This!

[…] research I discovered that these are actually called “Blue Ice” and are created by earthquakes in Antarctica. All of these sites have the same or similar photos, but definitely worth the look. We should come […]

28 01 2008

These are absolutely gorgeous pics. I want my house to look like this one day when I can afford an architect genius enough to recreate this. Then again, you could never improve on what Mother Nature can do. Thanks for sharing.

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