Pimp Your Pals. It’s What They’d Want. — PikiPimp.com

1 02 2007

Pimp Your Pals. It’s What They’d Want. — PikiPimp.com Your friends would look better if they had goatees, chest hair, and maybe some bruises.

At least, that seems to be the general thinking behind PikiPimp.com. And we think they’re onto something.

Upload or type in the URL for a photo, and PikiPimp will let you accessorize it with facial hair, eye-wear, new lips, ears, tattoos, and tongues… In short, embarrassing knickknacks of all sorts.

It’s like Mr. Potato Head but with photos.

PikiPimp’s not the first to do this, but they do it exceptionally well. Resize and rotate your additions, even adjust their opacity until they’re just right. Then hit save and print, share, or pop your creation into cards. Grandma with aviators, Robby with a rabbi beard and a parrot on his shoulders. It’s all here.

If you’ve resorted to e-cards for friends this year, take our advice and put your photo through PikiPimp before clicking send. They may even thank you.


source: http://www.photojojo.com/content/




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28 05 2012

check this great link and find more info about pikipimp.com


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