Download, Viewing and Converter Tools For Youtube, etc.

5 01 2007

Video Download and Managing Toolsa) different tools that let you download desired videos from popular video sharing websites(incl. youtube, googlevideo, metacafe, myspace, dailymotion…), b) flash media players to view and manage these files on your desktop and c) tools to convert these files from one format to another so that you can transfer them to your Ipod, PSP, Mobile phone and whatever portable device you want. Ooh, and most of these tools are free, all non-free ones are clearly specified.

WEBSITES that let you download content from popular video sharing sites: here you simply enter video URL, select source website and press search. Once file detected you’re given direct file download link. Websites listed in no particular order. ‘extra’ refers to additional features available on the website

BROWSER PLUGINS that let you download videos as you browse or streaming them, to my knowledge all below listed plugins work for googlevideo and youtube and most of them support other major video websites as well.

  • GetVideo – downloads video (firefox)
  • DownloadHelper – downloads videos and images, incl. lots of cool features (firefox)
  • Ook? Video Ook! – firefox plugin to download videos (features include downloads queueing, auto-renaming and more…)
  • UnPlug – downloads video and audio (firefox)
  • VideoDownloader(by Javi moya) – download videos (firefox)
  • FastVideoDownload – fast video download(firefox plugin), works with downthemall (download manager/accelerator for firefox) and flashgot (browser plugin that integrates allmost any external download manager into your browser)
  • OrbThis – plugin for downloading videos to your mobile, works with Orb 2.0 freeware
  • Clipnabber – downloads video (firefox)
  • All In One Video Bookmarklet – downloads video (firefox, mozilla, opera browsers). Also lists a bunch of greasemonkey addons with similar features
  • – only video(IE, firefox and Opera)
  • Greasemonkey scripts – in case you have greasemonkey installed, check out these 2 addons (only for youtube and googlevideo)
  • LeechVideo – downloads video( firefox and IE), includes converter
  • PimpFish (Basic) – download and share (IE and firefox). Full version $29.95 (lots of features)

PROGRAMS that you can install and use to download desired videos from video websites.

  • Youtube-Download – downloader + .integrated .flv player (share videos option)
  • Tubesucker – same here, downloader + .flv media player, basic version is free however there is also non-free version with awesome features(ex; unlimited simultaneuos downloads)
  • YoutubeGrabber – simple downloader
  • YouRipper – downloader + integrated ShoutCast Radio Player(so you can actually use it to listen to radio) and MovieZone (lists movies available for download from youtube, googlevideo, dailymotion and other major sites)
  • Downtube – downloader + mpeg converter.(english, spanish and portuguesse)
  • DownUtube – downloader + basic file manage options + search feature
  • Media Suite – downloader + VLC media player
  • Online Video Downloader – downloader with an option to save files as .avi OR .flv
  • VideoDetect – only download
  • OrbitDownloader – downloader with integrated download accelerator
  • TubeSock – downloads youtube videos and store them on iPod, Mac, PSP(PlayStation Portable) and iTunes. (MAC only)
  • Fireant – downloader + manager + flash player
  • Itubes – downloader + mp4 converter (for Ipod and PSP) Non-Free ($15)
  • Nuclear Coffee – complete suite(downloadeer,player, converter and much more….) Non-Free ($12.99)
  • Quivic – downloader + converter (Ipod, iTunes, PC…) Non-Free ($9.99)
  • VidVac – downloader + flash media player. Free version doesn’t work for Youtube and full version costs approx. $10.00
  • Movies Extractor Scout – download + some more features. Non-Free ($14.95)
  • FLVDownload – download tool. Non-Free ($9.99)

Free FLASH MEDIA PLAYERS to play and manage downloaded videos from your desktop:

VIDEO CONVERTERS that you can use to convert(encode) video files from one format(ex; flash) to another (iPod, PSP, 3GP for mobile phone, etc)

  • AVS Video Converter – convert videos between all popular formats
  • Mediacoder – convert to and from any audio/video formats (avi, PSP, Ipod, mobile phone, PDA…etc)
  • Vixy – FLV converter – web based video converter from .flv to avi, mov(Mac), 3GP(mobile), MP4(ipod, PSP) and mp3 formats
  • Total Video Converter – convert video to popular formats(avi, mpg/mpeg,..) from allmost any other format, includes cool media player with lots of supported formats incl. flash
  • PSPVideo9 – convert regular PC videos to PSP video format
  • SUPER – very good converter + media player
  • LeechVideo – convert for Ipod, PSP and Cellphone
  • Podtube – encode videos for Ipod, includes ‘add to Itunes’option. (MAC only)
  • ffmpegX – integrates 20 powerful Unix open-source video and audio processing tools, including ffmpeg fast video and audio converter (MAC only)
  • Replay Converter – straightforward and user-firendly video converter. Non-Free ($29.95).
  • Augart Video Converter – convert video between all popular formats. Non-Free ($27.95)
  • Replay Converter– audio/video converter. Non-Free ($29.95)
  • Windows Media Recorder – record video as you stream. Non-Free ($29.95)
  • wmRecorder – same as above, incl. lots of advanced features. Non-Free ($49.95)






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