20 Tools to Make your Ipod better.

5 01 2007


Now that we have published list of tools for Youtube and Myspace it’s time to add another biggie to the lists category and iPod seems to be just the right option. Finding good tools and yet free turned out to be little harder then I expected, and now once I am done I get a feeling something is missing, anyways I’ll get it right over time.

General Ipod Management Tools

YamiPod: cross platform(Mac/Windows/Linux), multi-purpose tool that can run directly from your iPod. Features include; PC to ipod AutoSync, playlists import/export (PLS,M3U), built-in music player, last.fm support, search, song list export and more

Sharepod: another free program that can run from directly from iPod, let’s you easily transfer files between your machine and iPod without using iTunes. Features; built-in music player, search, create winamp-style playlists, network file sharing (using this feature you can allow other network(office,college, etc) users to run your copy of SharePod from their own computers and download music directly from your iPod) and more

Ephpod: Ipod management tool for windows machines, not as flexible as above ones but has couple of cool features;

  • fast song transfer (1,000 songs under 30 minutes)
  • WinAmp support
  • powerful playlist creation features
  • one click synchronization
  • microsoft outlook contacts import
  • latest news, weather, e-books, and movie listings

Task Specific Tools

CantoPod: get favorite lyrics on your iPod (with over 200.000 lyrics to choose from)

Dictionary: hook up your ipod with dictionary that includes over 40,000 definitions and pronunciation guide ($9.95)

Encyclopodia: this incredible tool can get wikipedia.org into your iPod, if you’re one of those who can’t imagine web without wikipedia defintely check it out

GoogleGet: weather+news combo tool. When it comes to news, best option would be to have something like RSS reader that can convert feeds into iPod readable format, however I wasn’t able to find any free tool for that, what I got is Igadget which will cost you ($15). Post it in comments in case you know about any other alternative

iDirectionz: store driving directions on your iPod (update: idirectionz  will work only on windows, thanks to iching for pointing it out)

iPodGym: turn iPod into your gym advisor; iPodGym is a website where you can find over 80 exercise videos (incl. descriptions) all of which can adopted to the iPod format.

iPodwizard: windows program that let’s you change fonts, graphics and text on you iPod

Ipod-notes | Ipod-ebook-creator: these 2 nifty tools let you easily create iPod compatible ebooks from regular text files. Actually, Ipod-notes goes even further by letting you create ebook from a webpage, check it out. In case you need some free ebooks to start with, drop by Project Gutenberg Library

piPod – guide to the best pizzerias in the five boroughs of NYC

Senuti (Mac OSX): this application syncs files off your iPod and sends them directly to your iTunes library. It can also play songs directly off iPod

Weather for Me: downloads weather forecasts from Myforecast.com and puts it on your iPod

Ipodlinks: variety of icons and wallpapers

Ipodwizard: ipod themes

Video Converters

videora iPod Converter: free video conversion application, you may use it to convert regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into iPod compatible format

Media-Convert: web based media converter

HandBrake: Rip DVD movies to your iPod. (MacOS X, Linux and soon Windows)

you may also check out ‘converters section’ in youtube tools

Additional Resources

source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/15-ways-to-tools-your-ipod-better/




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25 12 2012

Good info. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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