10 most intelligent / least intelligent dogs

5 01 2007

According to S. Coren, author of “The Intelligence of Dogs”, there are three types of dog intelligence:

  • Adaptive Intelligence (learning and problem-solving ability)
  • Instinctive Intelligence
  • Working /Obedience Intelligence

The first two intelligence’s are individual dog specific, whereas Working / Obedience Intelligence can be applied to a whole breed. Below are the top ten and bottom ten dog breeds measured by this intelligence.

Most intelligent dogs

These breeds on average require less than 5 repetitions to understand a new command. They obey first commands 95 % of the time or better.

With 1) being the most intelligent:

Australian cattle dog
10) Australian cattle dog

9) Rottweiler

8) Papillon

7) Labrador retriever

Shetland sheepdog
6) Shetland sheepdog

Doberman pinscher
5) Doberman pinscher

Golden retriever
4) Golden retriever

German shepherd
3) German shepherd

2) Poodle

Border collie
1) Border collie

Least intelligent dogs

Require more than 80 repetitions to understand a new command. Obey first commands less than 25 % of the time.

With the least intelligent breed at number 10:

Shi tzu
1) Shih tzu

Basset hound
2) Basset hound

3) Mastiff

4) Pekingese

5) Bloodhound

6) Borzoi

Chow chow
7) Chow chow

8) Bulldog

9) Basenji

Afghan hound
10) Afghan hound

source: http://linkdonkey.blogspot.com/2006/12/10-most-intelligent-least-intelligent.html




8 responses

7 01 2007

Is this really TRUE, it seems a bit judgemental to me… different dogs were bread by different cultures for different things… FRENCHIES RULE!! Viva de RESISTENCE… Freedom fighters for Unconditional LOve!!!!

12 02 2007
Valerie Dancer

Love It! My 3 favourite dogs are in the intelligent, and most in the other sector I do not like except one.

14 03 2007

f*c* poodles I just lost 5 dollars because I bet that they were a stupid breed and it turns out to be quite the contrary.

17 03 2007

ahahha! nature. 😀

17 03 2007

intelligents dogs 😛

13 02 2008

I think the weimeraner should be in the intelligent list. I literally had my new puppy housebroken in 48 hours with little effort. Most other Weim owners will tell you the same thing. I know of one Weim who is a working dog at a golf course and it took the owner about a week to have him trained to chase geese and groundhogs off the course effectively without disrupting golfers.

27 04 2013
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